Making Art in these times

collage made by lee williams boudakian, images sourced from

These days, I find myself praying to the stars and cosmos, while planting my feet into the earth, and grounding myself in the connections that reach from me to you.

Reading news articles everyday, and I am terrified of the worlds we live in. I ease the onslaught of WTF (like what in the actual fuck!) with the fact that things are revealing themselves more and more for what they have been and for what they are. It is everywhere and it is blatant. There is no illusion to hold onto.

And still, Trump and the rapid-fire implementation of racist, islamophobic, human-rights violating executive orders is beyond what these words can begin to articulate. And beneath the daily Trump headlines, the actions Trudeau and Canada are taking: halting Syrian refugees from arriving here, refusing to change the “Safe Counties list,” and the broken promise of electoral reform, as just a few of the things. How much more blatant will things get?

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Art at the Edge of Time

art at the edge of time drawing by lee williams boudakian

a year_that hurt.

communities of bones, hearts, spirits.
we are here, at the edge of time.

wrap tightly.
pull close the things that matter.

we will meet the next one together.

we won’t always know where to gather hope,
or what inner reservoirs to draw from

but our roots know the earth,
and know how to sustain us.

Armenia & Remembering

These images are part of a series that I am developing. They are part of a journey towards connecting with land and ancestors and memory and lived realities. Fragments of narrative, caught in the textures of the land. They are located in my perspective, as visitor, as outsider, as Armenian from the diaspora visiting Armenia.