photos by k.ho, fb: www.facebook.com/photosbykho, instagram: @photosbykho, website: www.photosbykatherineho.com.
photos by k.ho
fb: http://www.facebook.com/photosbykho ; instagram: @photosbykho ; website: http://www.photosbykatherineho.com

hi. i’m lee.

i’m developing a life/art practice that includes interdisciplinary art-making, writing, performing, community organizing and facilitating arts-based workshops towards social/political/healing change. much of my work explores intersectional identities and social justice – seeking to share un(der)represented stories of survival.

i am a queer, trans, Armenian-Liverpudlian mixie with familial ties to Lebanon, Syria, what is current-day Turkey, and Liverpool, England. Born in Scarborough, Ontario and having moved many times, i currently live and work in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories. all these elements of me are vital to the work I feel called to make and the communities I work within.

i have exhibited my artwork, published writings, and performed both nationally and internationally. some of my current love projects include: Kalik, ShapeShift Arts, Dear Armen, and The Hye-Phen Magazine.

this site like all of me is a work-in-progress. i’ve started it with the hopes of being more attentive to this artmaking journey, reflecting on it, lifting it up, and connecting with folks on the challenges and highlights that is part of making art. creating a blog and maintaining it has been something of an elusive ideal for me. i feel like i’ve been chasing after it for years. this is me making it a tangible reality.